Our Process

Events can influence behaviours. When we talk about the experience of meetings, trade shows, product launches, conventions or events, what we’re really talking about is the physiological state that it produces in the participants. Are they satisfied, motivated, energized and walking out of the event invigorated, open-minded and productive? How you want to make participants feel is the foundation for the environment we work to create.

If you’re considering a third party to support or manage your event, rather than doing it internally, the CMI team has you covered from first inspiration to final debrief. We become an extension of your team. Our role is simple: you talk, we listen. We explore who you are, your culture, and your ideals. We ask questions about your short and long-term goals and what you’re trying to accomplish. What are your challenges? What has worked before, and what hasn’t? What motivates your team, and what are the results you need? We do the research to develop a purposeful customized program. This includes defining destinations, venues and activities that will create the right emotional, psychological and physiological state for you to accomplish your goals as an organization.

Our job as incentive travel, event, meeting and convention planners is to create custom wow-factor experiences, tailored to your needs. It’s about creating moments of transformative insight, inspiring creativity – and driving your bottom-line results, maximizing ROI.

From first impressions to lasting impressions.

Our Mission

Through highly-tuned event management, Chriselle Management Inc. (CMI) creates a new type of currency that satisfies, motivates, energizes and maximizes human performance. We out-think the ordinary, bringing events to life in new, unique and authentic ways. We are in the business of turning meetings and events into feeling and thinking environments that are personal, and that impact human behavior.

Industries We Serve
  • Manufacturing
  • Food and Beverage
  • Franchise
  • Retail
  • Agriculture
  • Insurance
  • Pharmaceutical

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